AOS provides filtration solutions to the various industries for the demanding application of air, gas and liquid filtration. Our product range includes various industrial filters and filter equipment such as cartridge filter housing, bag filter housing, basket filter housing, self-cleaning filters, filter cartridges, filter bags etc. In a nutshell, AOS is a one-stop destination that meets all your filtration needs.

As you look to maintain and or improve to prevent your systems from down time, we provided for the many Industrial oil, gas and water filtration systems used in a variety of locations and situations in the production process including:

  • Fracking Water Flowback (Produced Water) – recycle water to reuse and meet all your environmental federal, state and local disposal guidelines.
  • In Steam Flood Fields
  • SAGD facilities
  • Offshore Production Wells
  • Formation Water
  • Disposal
  • And much more.

We source the many different types of filters for the Industry, be it mechanical, cartridge, magnetic, sedimentation, centrifugal, and high efficiency.

We understand the part of maintaining the bottom line depends on the process improvements of flow control by minimizing waste. Depending on the requirement, we have the experience and knowledge to source your filter needs according to the Industry sector. Be it any industry, the process of filtration is an essential prerequisite.

Send your equipment filter requirements to or call 832.968.3116.

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