AOS is the supplier to the energy industry with bearings and oil seals in nearly every conceivable environment and climate – land and marine.

AOS furnishes a wide range of electrical parts and components to the oilfield industry.

AOS provides complete mud pumps and parts for various mud pumps in the oilfield industry.

AOS provides filtration solutions to the various industries for the demanding application of air, gas and liquid filtration.

In today’s oil and gas industry, hoses are made for reliable, continuous use in offshore/onshore upstream applications, as well as midstream/transfer applications.

AOS provides a complete line of drilling instrumentation tools.

AOS sources the best much needed industrial lubricants known to mankind.

Our sourced products are from top manufacturers who engineer with industry-driven designs and patented technologies that ensure greater uptime with less maintenance.

Whether used during the upstream, midstream, or downstream phase, pumps give oil, gas and other fluids enough energy to flow from one location to another.

AOS is a very reliable source for all your safety equipment needs whether onshore or offshore.

We provide elevators, power tongs, manual tongs, kelly spinners, roughnecks, beckets and bails, safety clamps, stabbing guides, spiders, slips and dies along with spare parts.

AOS supplies a broad range of parts for choke and kill manifolds. Products include, but not limited to, gate valves, chokes, spools, crosses and tees.