Hoses & Fittings

In today’s oil and gas industry, hoses and fittings must be made for reliable, continuous use in offshore/onshore upstream applications, as well as midstream/transfer applications.

Strong hoses and fittings able to withstand the rigorous field environment and the materials that flow through them are required in several phases of the drilling and completion processes. These included:

  • Moving water used to blend drilling mud and fracking fluid (which includes proppants, chemicals and water)
  • Pumping drilling mud downhole
  • Pumping cement downhole
  • High-pressure pumping fracking fluids downhole
  • Hoses for water delivery

AOS continues to supply the best manufactured hoses and fittings to the industry for oil, air, liquids, gas, hydraulic, and any other application needed onshore or off-shore through our partnerships in the industry – we source from the best.

Fittings – IF it involves oil, air, liquid or gas the demand for quality fittings is a must. Industry conditions are demanding and require a supplier that understands the importance of safety, quality and reliable service. We source our fitting products used during the exploration, completion and production of oil, gas and natural gas liquids. We are your supplier for:

  • Carbon Steel fittings
  • Stainless steel fittings
  • Low temperature carbon fittings
  • Duplex/ Super Duplex fittings
  • Nickel alloy fittings
  • Chrome fittings

Buttweld seamless, Weld carbon steel fittings, Forged fitting configurations:

90° elbows, 45°elbows, Street elbows, Tees, Crosses, Couplings, Reducers, Inserts, Caps, Unions laterals, Olets sewage nipples, Nipples, Weld rings, Saddles. Other fitting configs: Laterals, Bushings, Plugs

Send your equipment hose or fitting requirements to sales@alphaoilfieldsupply.com or call 832.968.3116.

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