Our sourced products are from top manufacturers who engineer with industry-driven designs and patented technologies that ensure greater uptime with less maintenance. With our in-depth understanding of your application needs we can provide dependable solutions and keep operations running reliably day after day. There are many applications in oil and gas industry that use electrical motors.

We work with the world’s leading suppliers of variable speed drives in the chemical, oil and gas industries. Medium voltage motors have earned an excellent reputation for performance and reliability.  Includes induction as well as synchronous motors. Induction motors, Squirrel cage induction motors are the workhorses of the industry due to their versatility, reliability and simplicity.

We provide for all types of motor cooling methods and enclosures that are available, e.g. air or water designed for installations in harsh environmental conditions as well as for installations in hazardous areas. Different mounting designs – horizontal or vertical – are available.

Synchronous motors – are typically considered for higher power ratings. In addition to their high-power capabilities, synchronous motors offer the benefits of high efficiency and high performance through the utilization of different rotor designs. As with modular induction motors, synchronous motors are available air or water cooled, self or forced ventilated. Designs for harsh environmental conditions or hazardous areas are available as standard options.

We also supply for transformers, filters, re-cooling equipment, switchgear and outdoor control houses. Re-cooling equipment for sites where cooling water is not available fin-fan coolers or chillers for the.

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