Pumps & Compressors

Pumps and compressors are necessary components inside an oil drilling rig. They’re designed to accelerate the transference of fluid from one location to another. Without pumps, refineries cannot operate, as oil displacement is essential to an oil rig’s entire operation. Whether used during the upstream, midstream, or downstream phase, pumps give oil, gas and other fluids enough energy to flow from one location to another.

AOS sources from Industry best the following: Centrifugal, oil, positive displacement, oil transfer, diaphragm, and petrochemical pumps are essential in delivering oil from the ground to a tanker, then to a refinery, and then on to storage.

Pumps are integrated into a refining system for a specific purpose and are crucial in transporting or purifying different fluids. Other pumps we source for the industry are slurry, submersible, and booster.

Compressors – AOS supplies the oil and natural gas sector, with the most prevalent types of compressors used whether reciprocating or centrifugal compressors. If you have positive displacement or dynamic compression needs. We are here to help you source the equipment to replace or repair parts needed for your:

Positive displacement:

  • reciprocating – single acting, double acting or diaphragm
  •  rotary – lobe, screw, vane, liquid ring or scroll

Dynamic displacement:

  • centrifugal or axial

We manage key compressor components, latest technology for best performance, and longest lifetime with leading technology for lowest life cycle cost. Compressor valves, capacity control systems, capital parts, labyrinth piston compressor components.

  • Piston rings: various patented designs and materials
  • Guide rings: pressure relieved
  • Piston rod packings: application specific systems –
  • Packing rings: tribology research and laboratory tests –
  • Oil scrapers: application specific material selection –
  • Hyper/secondary compressor parts: continuous development to optimize design

We also have access to air and refrigeration compressors, air tools and all ancillary product needs for compressor purposes.

Send your pump and compressor needs to sales@alphaoilfieldsupply.com or call 832.968.3116.

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